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Are you looking for a luxury baby clothes in gift box?
Then you’re in the right place. We welcome you to the Rayuela Kids online shop.
Here you will have an infinite variety of items available, suitable for your needs, alls realized in dralon and cotton,100% hypoallergenic such as our luxury baby clothes in gift box.
Let’s try to explain this concept to you.
For example, Imagine receiving everything a baby needs (jersey, knit blanquet, romper, etc) in a gift box. Just opening it, you will be overwhelmed. Alls our items mades between Spain and Portugal and for this reason they have an all-European style
We know very well that the days leading up to childbirth, even if tender, are quite intense.
There are so many things to think about, so don’t move, stay comfortable where you are and start visiting our online store.
And if you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us through our private messaging system, we will reply immediately.
Maybe you are afraid to buy, and you are right. Online scams are always lurking.
For this reason we have decided to have the Pay Pal system as a unique form of payment
Paypal protects you, as you will not have the purchase in your hands. In other words Pay Pal keeps your money, and only after you get the product, does it deliver it to the seller.
And now you’re wondering…how much does shipping cost?.
Our DHL courier will deliver your order to your door in less than 7 working days.

Rayuela Kids was born by the will of Julissa Peralta. The story of her is similar to that of a fairy tale. One day he leaves his career as an architect and dedicates himself to his passion.

Children’s fashion. Since that day Julissa has followed her dream. And today Rayuela Kids is a point of reference for new mothers.

Thousands of customers in recent years have chosen to dress their children with our products. We are located in the center of Santo Domingo, with 2 stores dedicated to the world of newborns.

Luxury Baby Clothes in gift box. Rayuela Kids-luxury baby boy and baby girl outfits in pure European style-Online shop.